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About NCE

Founded in 1980, the National Commerce Exchange (NCE) is a well-established organization that provides businesses with profitable and sensible solutions that satisfy marketing and financial needs. Comprised currently of more than 2,500 businesses that trade with one another for the goods and services they need, NCE has flourished to become one of the largest trade organizations of its kind in the country.

NCE opens the door to new customers, providing clients with additional marketing outlets for their brands. Products are sold or traded outside of existing distribution channels, creating new markets for future sales and increasing the volume of business. Adding incremental sales volume means maximizing efficiencies.

Avoid costly liquidations and marketing expenditures

The NCE solution extends to overstocked, seasonal, and clearance inventories as well, and offers a unique and sensible opportunity for a company to exploit the profit potential in its price distressed merchandise. NCE will buy excess, slow moving, and discontinued inventories at a price that allows recovery for full cost-of-goods and some, if not all, of the profit margins in products that would otherwise be heavily discounted, sold at a loss, or simply written off. This merchandise could otherwise clog the distribution process and cause problems for a company's manufacturing and marketing organizations.

Maximize the profit potential of your overstocked merchandise

Similarly, NCE provides the most economically advantaged means for recovering the value of a company's other under-performing assets, including, but not limited to, real property leases or ownership interests, trade claims, blocked currencies, used machinery, and other capital equipment, including corporate aircraft. We define under performing assets as assets whose book value exceeds their market value. NCE will buy underperforming assets at or close to book value.

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How NCE Markets Your Business
  • Our trade brokers phone member businesses that regularly purchase your products or services and facilitate an introduction. Our brokers become part of your sales force.
  • We send daily emails where we sell your products and promote your services.
  • We produce trade shows for member businesses where they can display what their company has to offer.
  • We host informal gatherings where members can network.
  • We distribute your flyers and brochures through our direct mail program to member businesses.
  • We provide regional and national exposure to businesses looking to expand their horizons.
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